Mother Hood Rock

They rule the world, I rock it!

Going For A Swim

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Pool Vs Beach

I have always preferred a pool. I’m somewhat lazy and walking in sand is work. Try dragging a cooler in sand, seriously a pain. Sand gets in every crack of your person. The car is always to far away and I never have shade on the beach. I could use an umbrella but I don’t own one and I’m sure as heck not getting one to go to a beach. Pool water is not always clean but at least there aren’t animals in it just waiting to make a move. Pool all day for me.

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Author: momrock02

My name is Erica and I have been married to Brian for almost 6 years. We met at a job corp center and have been together since. We have two boys who drive us happily insane. Aiden is the oldest (4) he is very smart and sensitive. He loves wall-e, the color green and more recently Lego's. Evan the youngest (2) is very outgoing and brave. He likes everything Aiden at this point.

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